Best of the Badge Award Dinner

Police Unity Tour Team South Florida proudly presents:

South Florida’s Best of the Badge

Our Team is excited to host it’s very own Annual Award Dinner titled ‘South Florida’s Best of the Badge’.  The purpose of this event is to unite South Florida Law Enforcement regardless of Agency and jurisdiction and recognize those who go above and beyond each year in our South Florida communities.

The location of this event moves to a different county each year.  In 2016, the event is being held at Wings Plus in Coral Springs (Broward County) on October 20th, 2016.  For additional information, please visit our Award Dinner page.

The Award Categories are as follows:

Valor Award – Demonstrated bravery, heroism, or another outstanding action despite being aware of great personal danger.

Life Saving Award – When it is shown through documented evidence from witnesses, victims, or medical authorities that a Law Enforcement Officer was directly responsible for saving a human life.

Exceptional Performance Award – Going above and beyond the expectations of their position.

Determination and Solid Police Work Award – High quality arrest with a big impact on the community through good old fashion Police work.

Role Model for Law Enforcement Award – A Law Enforcement Officer who conducts themselves on duty and off duty with the values, attitudes, and behaviors associated with being a positive mentor for Law Enforcement as well as the community.

Merit Award – Displays a high degree of initiative and professionalism in the performance of their duties.

Excellence in Media Award – Presented to individuals or groups within the journalism, news, media and/or entertainment industries who have made an exceptional contribution to the Law Enforcement profession and in particular, the mission of our Police Unity Tour Team.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Presented to an individual who has continued to make positive contributions to the Law Enforcement community.

Citizen Positive Impact on Law Enforcement – Demonstrated an act or multiple acts which benefit the Law Enforcement community and are worthy of special recognition.