Our Board

Our Team South Florida Executive Board is comprised as follows:

President / Treasurer:
Rich Best – rich@TeamSouthFlorida.org
Rich is an active Law Enforcement Officer in Broward County, Florida.

Vice President:
Steve Rosen – steve@TeamSouthFlorida.org
Steve is an active Law Enforcement Officer in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Christine McIntyre-Hurley – christine@TeamSouthFlorida.org
Christine is a retired Law Enforcement Officer from New York and long time South Florida resident.

North Florida Representative: Moe Endara
Moe is an active Law Enforcement Officer in North Florida.

Central Florida Representative: Joyce Rougeux joyce@TeamSouthFlorida.org
Joyce is an active Law Enforcement Officer in Central Florida.

Miami Representative: Vacant

General Information:
Phone: 702-527-1290 / info@TeamSouthFlorida.org

All positions are 100% volunteer based and no member of our organization will ever receive any compensation for their time and efforts. We are proud, humbled, and fortunate for the support we receive. We ensure 100% of our donations go towards furthering our mission and goals.